Commercial & Residential Lawn Care

When it comes to creating and maintaining thick, green lawns, you can depend on the professionals at Brownsburg Landscape. We have six lawn care applications we apply throughout the year starting in mid-March.

Round 1: Early Spring - Promotes a green lawn that has fertilizer with pre-emergent and a weed control and crabgrass control
Round 2: Late Spring - Fertilizer and weed control:  this application includes slow release fertilizer with a post emergent to control broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover.
Round 3:  Early Summer - Fertilizer and spot weed control to maintain healthy growth throughout the summer
Round 4:  Summer - Slow release fertilizer and spot weed control
Round 5:  Early Fall - Fertilizer and Weed control: slow release fertilizer with a liquid post emergent herbicide to control broadleaf weeds
Round 6:  Late Fall - Winterizer: this application is high nitrogen that is used to promote root growth for the next growing season

This program has been successful for our customers and we offer any service calls for free if you are ever unhappy (which we hope is never).  Also, we provide a grub control application that would eliminate those pesky grubs.  This is a separate application made to your entire lawn to eliminate white grub worms before they can do any serious damage to your lawn.  It is usually made in late spring and will provide protection through the following spring.

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Brownsburg Landscape offers mowing services, for both residential and commercial properties, on an annual contract basis (28-32 mows per season).